Tanzania Trip


A total of 24 students and staff members went to Tanzania and Haiti to: open a water well (built by us), hand out food, toys and clothing at orphanages, donate Luci lights to villages with no power, and deliver food packages to families. Water, food and light are the very basic necessity of life. Due to a significant absence of basic human needs in developing countries, we decided to continue with our service trips. Previously having the opportunity to organize trips to Kenya, Albania, Austria and Turkey we knew the importance these service trips hold, and the impact they have on not only the local people, but also the students who participate in them. The water well we built in Tanzania was in the front yard of a K-12 school with 1800 students that didn’t have access to clean drinking water previously. These students had to walk miles each day in order to collect clean water, taking away a lot of their time and depriving them of education. Having access to clean water within a few steps changed their lives completely. We also donated 28 luci lights to villages that had no power. Each light lasts 8-10 years with minimal solar power required. These people had spent their entire lives in darkness with only a small candle at night. These lights not only brightened their rooms but also their kids’s future, by giving them the opportunity to study at night. The true difference these lights made, can only be told by the people who experienced it. In addition to that, we provided food packages to families of 4-5 members that lasted 10-15 days. We also donated food, clothing and toys to orphans that were severely in need. We hold a vision to step on every continent and provide for those in need in upcoming years.


Location: Tanzania Date: March 24, 2016 Abigail Yashiro Safiye Taspinar Tomas Homola