SIA Conference


Event Name : SIA Conference
Date: October 1, 2014
Number of Participant Students: 24
Av. Service Hr per Student: 6 Hours

Description of the Event: On Wednesday, October 1st BASCS High School students attended the Students in Action (SIA) Conference at Kean University. The highlights of the conference were to discuss what SIA was about and the expectations from all competing teams this year. The 3 pillars (leadership, engagement, and impact) and 7 goals (engage the school community, establish an effective leadership team, expand volunteer capacity, expand financial capacity, telling service stories, grow and expand the mission of SIA, and innovation) were also explained to all students. A variety of team building exercises were done at the meeting to show different types of leadership. We also learned how participants of the conference can integrate different ways SIA in their schools and how to involve community in the most effective ways possible. We also learned of fundraising tools and sample project ideas too.
Students Reflections: ——