About Students in Action

11440534053_5710b269f1_oAbout SIA

Launched in 2006 by the Jefferson Awards Foundation and Deloitte, Students In Action develops high school students into community leaders. Currently active in 300 high schools in communities across the U.S., the program encourages students to positively impact their schools, communities and world.

iLearn Schools  students, with the assistance of a their advisors, gain leadership skills and participate in service-based learning utilizing three key program pillars guided by seven achievable goals:



  • The Three Pillars of Students In Action

    Leadership Development Community Engagement Positive Impact
    We aim to develop the leadership skills of students to prepare them for a future of guiding and inspiring others toward creating a community that serves the needs of its members. We provide training to high school students that teach these leadership skills, and encourage real-world practice to develop and master them. We understand the power that a group of people has to impact the world for good, and to be role models for others to follow suit. Our student leaders promote the value of service, and grow the level of participation of various groups within the School Community, in efforts to improve their communities. We work with students to consider the positive impact they wish to have on their community, and to develop processes for measuring that impact. Given the various environments our students operate within, we seek to reward ongoing efforts to develop these measurement systems rather than rewarding the results themselves.


  • Students Work to Meet Goals

    13900875955_1ca535ae5b_oThe Seven Goals help students build LEADERSHIP skills, supports their efforts to ENGAGE others in volunteer service, and results in positive IMPACT for their local communities.

    1. Engage the School Community
    2. Establish an Effective Leadership Team
    3. Expand Volunteer Capacity
    4. Expand Financial Capacity
    5. Tell Service Stories
    6. Grow and Expand the Mission of SIA
    7. Innovate